T.O.S.S. Kentucky Program

DR Fitness Systems is pleased to announce that the T.O.S.S. (Throwing & Overhead Strength Systems) Kentucky program has launched! T.O.S.S. was created to reduce injury prevalence and improve performance among athletes playing: baseball (also football quarterback), softball, tennis, volleyball, and swimming. These sports have similar motions through the shoulder girdle and subsequently have similar movement dysfunctions that result from the sport-imposed kinetics. While the baseball pitching motion is different from the freestyle swimming motion in actual movement and speed of movement, both involve […]

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Drew’s Food and Training Journal Tuesday Nov. 6

IT’S ELECTION DAY!! I hope that everyone took time to cast their votes as a celebration of one of the great freedoms we share as Americans. On to the journal entry…today is a non-training day, so I made an attempt to keep my carbs to a minimum, but as you read on you’ll see how this didn’t necessarily pan out. 5:15 AM – Awake – sleep was good 5:30 – 3 eggs with 1/4 red bell pepper and 2 oz […]

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