Thanksgiving – My favorite holiday

Thanksgiving Eating Dilema?   The holiday season is upon us and with it the dreaded threat of weight gain from Thanksgiving (er Halloween) through New Year’s Day (er Super Bowl Sunday). We hear about it every Thanksgiving and Christmas week on the news about the caloric atom bomb that these meals contain. And in just about a month, all we will hear about is New Year’s Resolutions to lose all the weight we gained in 2013. Let me set the record straight. I always […]

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Role of Probiotics

Tis the season for sneezing, coughing, sinus infections, and sick people everywhere asking their healthcare providers for antibiotics to treat their affliction. Clients know that I’m always reminding them that when taking an antibiotic, the healthy bacteria in the gut are suffer along with the bad bacteria that caused their illness. Therefore the supplementation of a probiotic is needed to replenish the good bacteria in the gut that help with digestion, inflammation, and a host of other benefits. And no, […]

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Drew’s Food and Training Journal Tuesday Nov. 6

IT’S ELECTION DAY!! I hope that everyone took time to cast their votes as a celebration of one of the great freedoms we share as Americans. On to the journal entry…today is a non-training day, so I made an attempt to keep my carbs to a minimum, but as you read on you’ll see how this didn’t necessarily pan out. 5:15 AM – Awake – sleep was good 5:30 – 3 eggs with 1/4 red bell pepper and 2 oz […]

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