10 Tips for Beginner & Intermediate Squash Players

If you have just developed an interest in squash, you will most definitely want to focus on learning the right technique for your shots. Here are 10 top tips for beginner and intermediate squash players to improve your experience and awareness of the game:

1. Pick a serve!

Choose a serve – lobbed, power serve, or combination. Stand in the red box with one foot, balance yourself and visualize where on you want your serve to land and take aim. Then throw the ball in the air, take your racket back and swing in one smooth continuous motion.

2. Stay in the T!

After any shot you must always move to the T or center of the court. It is the closest point to all areas of the court.

3. Take Bigger Strides!

Taking big strides instead of smaller running steps will help you get in a better position to play since your weight shifts to your front leg as you hit which will give you momentum to land back in the T.

4. Get Your Front Foot Forward!

If you are right-handed, your left foot should be in front when playing a forehand shot. Your weight will be on your right foot as you prepare to bring your racket down for a strike from your right shoulder. As you bring your racket forward, shift your weight to your left foot and strike the ball just as it is beginning to. For a backhand shot, your right foot should be in front of your left foot and your racket will start from above your left shoulder and finish at your right.

5. Hit it straight!

If you hit straight, it will be difficult for your opponent to reach and return a good shot back to you. You can mix it up with boasts, cross court shots and drop shots but try to play most of your shots straight.

6. Watch the Ball!

NEVER take your eye off the ball! Follow the ball as you hit it, as it strikes the wall, and as your opponent shoots back. If you keep your eye on the ball you will begin to hit it from the center of your racket strings more often.

7. Be Calm!

Squash is a high intensity sport and it is common, even for experienced players to lose their nerve. Have a game plan and think only a point ahead: if you lose a point, wipe it from your brain, regroup and concentrate on the next shot.

8. Play More Opponents!

Playing against the same person can become monotonous so try to challenge other players to improve your game.

9. Be Fit!

Squash courts are small but games are more intense and therefore require more fitness. You can improve your stamina for longer rallies as through other cardio activities. But don’t forget to stretch, both before and after a game!

Be sure to invest in good quality shoes to protect your feet and leg muscles with cushioning, stability and support to reduce risk of injuries; good quality insole for grip; a design that caters to lateral movements and forward propulsion, and help you to move around in the court quickly and with ease. Read more info about best squash shoes.

10. Enjoy!

And lastly, squash is a social game so don’t forget to enjoy it and have a good time playing against your competitors!


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