Thanksgiving – My favorite holiday

Thanksgiving Eating Dilema?


The holiday season is upon us and with it the dreaded threat of weight gain from Thanksgiving (er Halloween) through New Year’s Day (er Super Bowl Sunday). We hear about it every Thanksgiving and Christmas week on the news about the caloric atom bomb that these meals contain. And in just about a month, all we will hear about is New Year’s Resolutions to lose all the weight we gained in 2013. Let me set the record straight. I always encourage judicious eating for my weight loss clients, however I feel Thanksgiving is a freebie. Yes, I said it. A FREEBIE. We have enough to be stressed out about: family, work, sleep (or lack thereof), school, in-laws, our weight, etc. Fretting over one meal especially Thanksgiving is unnecessary and unwarranted.

I have several clients who are currently in the middle of a weight loss phase and they’re concerned with what to do on Thanksgiving. “I won’t eat any pumpkin pie or rolls,” they say. Ludicrous. I would much rather my clients work hard up to and following the Thanksgiving meal,but enjoy themselves in the moment. With all the other stress, we need to have a time, a meal, an hour, or whatever to enjoy ourselves.

I will as always take pictures of my plate(s) this Thanksgiving weekend and share them with the world to show you that even trainers (at least this trainer) enjoy themselves. It’s not all quinoa, spinach, and chicken breasts. If you want to share pics of your plates too, please do so. However, I am also training three days straight this week, and will be back at it training legs Monday at the gym.

The take-home message: Don’t get discouraged by eating a huge Thanksgiving meal and ruin the rest of your weekend with awful eating. Enjoy yourself then get back on track.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take a few moments to reflect on what you’re truly thankful for.


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