Youth Sports Safety Month

April is Youth Sports Safety Month

At DR Fitness Systems, we’re dedicated to improving the health and fitness of our community. With spring finally making an appearance here in the Bluegrass; our parks, sidewalks, and ball fields are becoming crowded and buzzing with activity. This is great news for a city that has been reported to be one of the laziest in the nation. However, with increased spring-time outdoor activity come an increase in sports related injuries.

Let’s do our part to be aware of the many sports related injuries that affect our youth every year and do our best to prevent them as much as possible. I’m a believer

in the work that the STOP Sports Injuries group does to keep our youth active and injury free and here is a link to their latest newsletter. Also a suggested reading from one of the founding members of the STOP Sports Injuries program, Dr. James Andrews – Any Given Monday.

Here’s my copy


If you don’t pick up a copy, you can always check in with us for questions on how to prevent youth sports injuries.

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