T.O.S.S. Kentucky Program

DR Fitness Systems is pleased to announce that the T.O.S.S. (Throwing & Overhead Strength Systems) Kentucky program has launched! T.O.S.S. was created to reduce injury prevalence and improve performance among athletes playing: baseball (also football quarterback), softball, tennis, volleyball, and swimming.

These sports have similar motions through the shoulder girdle and subsequently have similar movement dysfunctions that result from the sport-imposed kinetics. While the baseball pitching motion is different from the freestyle swimming motion in actual movement and speed of movement, both involve multiple joints and proper synchronization of the muscles. We carefully address the sport and time demands of each athlete as well as any potential acquired pain or injuries on our way to designing an age and skill appropriate strength & conditioning program. (Putting a high school freshman baseball player on a major league strength program is wrong for several reasons.)

Youth athletic participation is increasing and athletes are specializing at younger ages than they did a few decades ago. Specialization creates an increase in the cumulative risk for injury due to the fact that seasons blend together and athletes don’t have a chance to recover from one season to the next. As parents, we want our kids to excel in sports, but focusing on one sport at a young age can be a recipe for disaster. We cannot eliminate all risk for injury, however we can help reduce the risk of injury by mapping out a yearly plan and using common sense.

Our primary goal for this program is EDUCATION. We hope to educate parents, coaches, administrators, and athletes about ways to improve performance without sacrificing overall health and longevity. If you know an athlete or team who could benefit from a comprehensive strength & conditioning program, please forward this link to them. It’s never too early to start an injury prevention program, but sometimes it is too late…

We are currently looking for speaking and training opportunities with:

  • Cal Ripken, Little League, and Babe Ruth administrators from around the state
  • High school coaches and Athletic Directors from around the state

We will add updates regularly with information regarding specific pain & injuries, mobility exercises, strength training, among other topics. Be sure to “Like” T.O.S.S. Kentucky on Facebook as well.

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