Drew’s Food and Training Journal Tuesday Nov. 6

IT’S ELECTION DAY!! I hope that everyone took time to cast their votes as a celebration of one of the great freedoms we share as Americans. On to the journal entry…today is a non-training day, so I made an attempt to keep my carbs to a minimum, but as you read on you’ll see how this didn’t necessarily pan out.

5:15 AM – Awake – sleep was good

5:30 – 3 eggs with 1/4 red bell pepper and 2 oz shredded cheese, 1 cup coffee

7:45 – 16 oz green tea with honey

10:30 – 2 handfuls mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries)

1:00 – 2 cups beef and vegetable stew, 1 cup spinach with 2 tbsp Caesar dressing

3:00 – 2 handfuls mixed nuts

4:30 – VOTE – Here’s where it goes downhill….

5:15 – Celebrated end of campaign ads and getting home early on a Tuesday with an Atwater Vanilla Java Porter. Make that two.

A friend was elected to office today so Michelle and I went to the celebration party.

6:30 – 1 pint Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, 2/3 of a meat & cheese tray, 1 small prosciutto sandwich

7:15 – 1 Ketel One & tonic

8:30 – Back home – 1 Maker’s Mark and diet ginger ale

10:00 – ZMA, bed

Water for the day was around 100 oz.

As you can see, today’s eating fell short on quality while my alcohol consumption rated high in quantity (and quality for that matter). My carbs were low throughout the day but I made up for it with all the alcohol calories. Protein was too low and fat was probably about where it should have been. My legs are sore, so training is going to be fun tomorrow.

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